Now that you've started a Tyze network

Here's are a few quick and easy things you can do once you have started your Tyze network.

Upload a profile picture: Click your name on the top right and select 'Profile'. Here you can upload a lovely profile picture, and if ever needed, change your email address and password. As your supporters join encourage them to upload a profile picture too. It makes your Tyze space so much nicer!

Post on the CareWall: One thing new members might like to know when they first join is why the network has set up. Take a moment to post to the CareWall a note about the network and how you hope it will support you and your loved ones.

Pop some events in the calendar: The calendar is great not only for important appointments but also social events, birthday's and special occasions. Pop a few of these in now!

Invite your supporters: Click 'Invite' and start to expand your network. You can change the message to something more personal - this will help your supporters understand why they are being invited.

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