Privacy and Security

Can a Tyze network be found through an online search engine, like Google?

No! Your Tyze Network cannot be found through an online search engine such as Google or any other. Only those people invited to join your network will ever know that it exists.

How do I know that my Tyze network is secure?

Tyze networks are protected using something called Secure Socket Layers (SSL). An SSL makes sure that all the information passed between the web server (where network information is stored) and browser (where you view your network) remains secure.  

How does security work within a Tyze network?

Only members that have been granted permission to view content can see it. For example, if a document has been uploaded into Files and you have been given permission to access it, you will see the file. Otherwise you wont see the file at all.  

Who ‘owns’ the information that is put on a Tyze network?

You and your network own your information. Tyze does not assume ownership of what you put into your network and cannot use your information for any purpose (unlike Facebook or LinkedIn, for example).

Additionally, Tyze does not take any responsibility for content posted on a network. Individual network members are responsible for all activities that occur using their Tyze profile and email address – so it’s important to keep this information safe. Network administrators can ask Tyze to delete a network entirely from the Tyze servers.

Will I get any ads or messages inside my Tyze network?

Tyze will not post advertising inside your network. We won’t let anyone else either. Tyze may post messages about new features, enhancements, maintenance that causes downtime or other information that Tyze important to communicate to all users. We won’t allow third parties to post messages into your network and we won’t give your email address to a third party.

Where is Tyze data stored?

All your information is stored behind firewalls in a secure server environment. This prevents unintended access from external systems. If you would like more information about privacy and data storage please contact us.

How can I best protect my Tyze Password?

When you join a Tyze network you will be asked to create a password. You will use this password, along with your email address each time you log on to your network.

Make sure you create a password that is easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess. It’s best not to use your first or last name in your password. Use a pets name with a number or two added to the end or the name of your favourite TV show. A strong password includes numbers as well as letters. For example, Rover1976.

It’s best to avoid writing down your password. If you do forget your password, we can help you reset it online.

How can I keep my network safe?

To keep your network safe, always log out once you have finished posting. This is especially important if you are using a public computer for example at a library or Internet cafe. The only people who can access your Tyze network are people that you invite. When you invite someone new, confirm you have the correct email address and let the person know that you are about to send an invite to your network.

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