Product Updates - RSVP, Help & Support - Release Notes V01.S10

Help, Support & Feedback

  • Tyze users are able to provide feedback, contact support for help and search for published articles or FAQ's through Uservoice.
  • Tyze users will be presented with the new features via dialog window that appears on their first login after the new features have been implemented. Past notes from previous features and fixes can also be found on Uservoice articles


  • Admin users are able to send RSVP's for events posted to networks.
  • Admin users can view who has accepted their RSVP events.
  • Tyze users are able to request RSVP's when creating an event.
  • Tyze users can view who has accepted their RSVP events.


  • Keyboard navigation highlights added to enhance accessibility for impaired users.

Other enhancements

  • Allow users to schedule events in the past
  • Carewall posts will load and populate the screen automatically as the user scrolls down.
Fixes & Improvements
  • Increased file upload size limit to 25MB
  • Network description is now visible in mobile view.
  • Improved detailed error messages when Admin User creates an event.
  • Improved Tyze responsive layout when viewing on a mobile device.
  • As a Tyze user the ‘Add a caption’ text field will only be visible when an image is attached to a post.
  • Improved designs for Tyze email notifications
  • List of Admin events created are now sorted by ‘date created'

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