How do I invite people to join my network?

UPDATED February 27, 2015:

To invite people into your network, click “Invite” in the upper right hand corner of your screen and enter the email address of those you wish to invite. You can enter more than one email, just use commas to separate multiple email addresses. You can edit the message and make it more personal. Click into the personal message area to make your changes. Lastly, select the role that the new member or members should have.

If you send an invite to more than one person at once, the role you select will apply to all recipients.  When you click ‘Send’, each person will receive a separate invitation (with the same text) that contains a link to join the network.

A user with the Limited role will only have access to the Messages tab.  This limited access role is designed for any formal supports you may have in your network who would like to take advantage of the secure messaging.

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