How do I change or update my profile?

To update your personal information and view the supporters on your network, click on your name on the top right-hand side.  You will see a drop down menu appear with 3 options - Profile, Network, Logout.

When you click Profile, if you are a Concierge on the network, you will see the following tabs displayed - My Profile, My Network Profile, Active Network, Account Settings 

If you are not a Concierge, you will not see the tab called My Network Profile.

Let's explore each tab:

My Profile is where you enter/edit your display name and a brief bio about your role in the network.  It's also where you upload a picture of yourself for identification to others in the network. You may update this information at anytime.

My Network Profile is where a Concierge enters information about who the network has been created for and the goal of the network.  This is also where a picture of the person the network has been created for is uploaded. As a Concierge, you may update this information at any time.

Active Network is where you can see a listing of all the network participants, their role and the date they joined.  If you are a Concierge, you can remove a network participant by clicking Remove.  As a network participant, if you choose to leave a network and no longer participate, click Leave.  Only Concierge level users are able to remove other network participants.

The Active Network tab is also where you have the option to switch between your active networks by clicking the drop down, selecting a different network and clicking Switch Network.

Account Settings is where you are able to change your password and set your notification frequency settings.  Note:  To change your email address associated with the account, please email

You may choose to receive notifications at the following intervals for each of the application functions below:  Immediately, Daily, Weekly, Never

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